Monday, November 24, 2014

Caution: Accountants At Play

Not once while I was searching for a job after college did I ever expect myself to begin even looking for a position at an accoutning firm. When I think of an accountant I think of an old man at a desk with a visor and the green lamp my granfather has on his desk in his office.

As it turns out, however, that's a pretty dated view.

(Who knew?)

In fact, I would wager that I work with some of the most eclectic accountants out there. They are fun, they're creative and best of all they like to donate their time.

Recently, a group of our professionals participated in FETCH.

FETCH, for those of you who do not know, is a program that The Ohio Society of CPAs created to educate kids about the value of a dollar. Groups of CPAs volunteer their time to local schools by helping fifth and sixth grade students complete a game about finances.

It's a unique way to teach kids how to properly manage money, and every year it gets a good response. Not only from the children, but the CPAs as well.

It's important for kids to get the access to educational programs that allow for them to learn about money and how to properly utilize it. A child who understands the value of a dollar early on is more likely to understand how to manage money as an adult.

 Financial Education for kids is extremely important and I am fortunate to know a group of CPAs who are dedicated to helping the youth of tomorrow.

With that said I look forward to many years and sharing their different events as they continue to donate their time, their education and their knowledge to the local community.

For an additional read on the importance of children learning money management skills click the link below!